Pet Wellness

dog3Upper Oakville Pet Hospital is committed to the highest quality preventive care for your companion animals, supporting healthier pets that live happily with their families for a long, long time.

The Wellness Exam

A typical routine appointment with one of our veterinarians will include a physical exam, a fecal exam, blood work, and urine testing, if appropriate. You may expect a discussion about your pet’s behavior, diet, and healthy weight management, as well as the development of a subsequent plan to address these issues for the period of time until the next wellness visit.

Our veterinarians and staff also will review the following regimes for your pet and assess past success: heartworm prevention, internal parasite prevention, and flea and tick control. ‘

Vaccinations to prevent common diseases are administered at these visits, according to the individual pet’s needs and to satisfy regional licensing requirements.

Your Pet’s Needs

Young pets require a number of visits in the first year to ensure maximum protection from life-threatening diseases. Adult pets need at least one wellness visit per year, depending upon overall condition, vigor, and lifestyle. At least one wellness visit annually is the minimum recommendation for any pet in our care.

As pets get older, we recommend at least two wellness visits per year. This, along with our screening blood work, can improve the chances of identifying common and age-related diseases early—this advanced diagnostic process allows us to treat developing concerns before your pet becomes ill.