Pet Vaccinations

dog8Most pets require vaccines to protect them from highly contagious and life-threatening diseases. Upper Oakville Pet Hospital offers core and non-core vaccines for all of the companion animals we treat, administered as part of your pet’s regular wellness exam.

Why Vaccinate?

Vaccines trigger a protective immune response in your pet, fighting infections from specific diseases. Some vaccines protect completely once the optimum level of immunity is achieved, while other vaccines simply reduce the severity of the disease, but protect against critical infection or fatality.

Not all pets should be vaccinated with every vaccine. Core vaccines are those that are recommended for all pets of a certain type living in a certain area. Non-core vaccines are those recommended for specific pets under specific conditions.

Actual recommendations for your special pet depends upon age, health, risk of exposure, and lifestyle.

Vaccines have a limited duration and will need a booster. At your annual wellness visit, your veterinarian will review your pet’s vaccination schedule and discuss the current need for vaccines and boosters.